Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Domain name external to your mail server.
Date:   2002-09-24 08:14:50
From:   anonymous2
A possible followup for this article would be to explain how to deal with a distributed configuration.

* You have a machine on Internet not necessary a OS X box, let say a FreedBSD with sendmail and managing your mail under the domain "". The machine is ""

* You have your OS X box on internet with an ISP ( So the ISP give you a

1st question: How can you configure your local sendmail to deal with the mail you send and being identify as it if it was which sends it.

2nd question: How to configure the pop, imap ? to send the mail of one of the account to the machine "" to your local machine.

3rd question: You had another machine on your local network a laptop. And you want that the mails between the external server, the OS X box, and the OS X laptop are all synchronised. So you can use them alltogether (It's not a trivial Problem).

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