Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Accessing MySQL in OS X
Date:   2002-09-25 06:12:50
From:   philocon
Response to: Accessing MySQL in OS X

I think I can help you using MySQL. -
I can't see where exactly the problem is. Let's identify it! -
1.Just after the installation you cd to /usr/local/mysql/
2.You type "sudo ./scripts/mysql_install_db"

Now you see the output you don't understand. It's identical to the output I see on my screen , except for the last line which mustn't be there.[Is it possible that you took the whole instruction for one single command?]
There is not much to understand: After step 2 you have MySQL's databases installed. And that's it.

Here is how I connect to mysql:

mysql -uroot -p<password>

Good luck!