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Subject:   Re: Re: Re: I switched from Linux to OS X
Date:   2002-09-25 07:29:19
From:   anonymous2
OK. I missed it by $400... Nonetheless, a similarly configured Dell Inspiron 8200 comes in just over $1900 and well shy of $2000.

I call bullshit. Similarly configured to what? A PowerBook 5300? If you add the following to the Dell system you get a more accurate comparison, and price:

Upgrade RAM to 512 MB
Upgrade to CD-R/DVD combo drive
Upgrade HD to 40 GB
Upgrade to XP Pro
(I subtracted the floppy drive)
Add TrueMobile Wi-Fi card
TOTAL for the Dell - $3263
TOTAL for the TiBook - $3199

What you don't get with the Dell:
15" Wide Aspect Screen
iSync (soon)
Unix foundation
FREE developer tools

What you do get with the Dell:
MS Office XP Small Business
more configuration options

I'm speaking from experience. I bought two Dell Inspiron's for employees at my office. They are fairly nice machines, but they can't hold a candle to the TiBooks I've bought for three other users. The bottom line is: for similarly outfitted machines they cost roughly the same.