EJB 2 and J2EE Packaging
Subject:   classloader and manifest file
Date:   2002-09-25 10:31:49
From:   anonymous2
Because web components don't support this extension, we still need multiple copies of the same jar (one in the ear file that the EJB jars can reference in their manifest, and one in the WEB-INF/lib directory of the war). So what is the point?

Based on this article and WebLogic document, I thought that I could do a "clean" package. But my testing seems to indicate otherwise.
Here is what I am doing:
I am using WebLogic 6.1. The documentation says, "the Web application classloader is a child of the EJB classloader" and the spec says that a child classloader first looks at its parent classloaders classpath.

So my question is, if I have a jar that contains my shared classes, and I have an EJB jar whose manifest references that jar, shouldn't my web application be able to access classes from the shared jar since its parent classloader is the EJB classloader (which should have the shared jar in its classpath because of the manifest entry)?

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