Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 3
Subject:   PHP is running, but scrambles HTML and shows up in Source-Code???
Date:   2002-09-26 09:56:37
From:   anonymous2
I'm using Jaguar and installed PHP4.2 (according to this tutorial:
Everything seemed to be fine, php is working and obviously processing the PHP-Pages, but after the first PHP-Line, HTML becomes scrambled (i.e. it says means, it strips all '=' and '"' and so on). Plus: the PHP-Code is shown in the source code of the page...

What am I doing wrong?

I changed the httpd.conf like indicated in every tutorial and I also have the php.ini-file in the right place. Have to mention, that I installed Apache/PHP on Windoof-Systems already and that worked pretty fine...

Thanks for any help



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