Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   procmail configuration
Date:   2002-09-27 11:28:15
From:   anonymous2
Thanks for a series of great articles!

Using them I have managed to set up my server for Web and mail access and intend to let my main ISP go once I get a router issue resolved (replace with Rant about DLink tech support here).

My remaining issue is with local mail delivery to multiple accounts (mine, my wifes, etc.). The file uses the procmail program for local delivery, but Mac OS X doesn't seem to come with a .procmailrc file anywhere. Can someone point me to a good starting point for configuring procmail to deliver to multiple accounts on the server, such that it can be accessed using IMAP from other local machines on my home network?

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Coble

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  1. procmail configuration
    2002-09-27 12:24:40  patrick_s [View]

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