ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   ok... here is a description of my travails
Date:   2002-09-27 14:37:06
From:   dicklacara
Response to: ok... here is a description of my travails

My responses are intermingled.

>>I used an old Linux box running RH 7.x to install CFMX.
>>Here is what I got...

This should be OK

>>1. Did not have enough space on the linux box, tried to
>>change the tmp directory as instructed by the installer
>>program, but the installer failed to install.

Known problem with CFMX Linux installer -- needs 500 Meg to install

>>2. Installed a new hard disk. Installed CFMX successfully,
>> but instead of under /opt/cfmx installed it under
>> /mnt/hdb1/cfmx.

this can be compensated for, see below.

>>Additionally, instead of using the built
>> in server decided to use Apache.

The CFMX OS X port will not run with anything but the default server --
there is a Platform-speciff C++ file that makes the connection between
JRun and any web server but the default. This is not available on Mac OS X,
and CFMX cannot interface with Apache (or any other web server, except
the Default) without it.

>>3. Tarballed and brought the install tree to my iBook and
>>all hell broke loose because on my iBook I untarred
>>everything under /opt/cfmx.

That should also be OK -- see below

>>4. Everytime I tried to start cfmx, it would look for and
>> then create /mnt/hdb1 on my iBook. After much looking
>> around I went it and changed the reference to $CF_DIR
>> in about a thousand places from the hard-coded
>> (by the installer) /mnt/hdb1 to /opt.

this is the below referenced above

The 4th line if the coldfusionosx startup script sets CF_DIR -- you should be OK using the script.


# Set some environment variables.

If not, you can untar CFMX to whatever directory tree that it resided on Linux, then change line 4 of the above script.

I originally installed on /home on Linux and ran on /home on OS X.

The only problem with this is you constantly have to interpolate -- all the doce (mine and Macromedia's) are written assuming /opt.

>> Eventually, that
>> got working and I was able to hit and run cf scripts
>> against JRun on port 8500. But, this was
>> soooooooooooooooo slow.

This is not full JRun 4, but one tailored for distro with CFMX.

>>5. Modified the httpd.conf file to load the
>> appropriately and run cf the correct way... against the
>> Apache on my iBook. Failed. Seems like the
>> that comes with cfmx install is built for Linux
>> only... hence, Apache fails to start.

Again, no Apache without a C++ Connector for the Mac (not available).

>>Bottomline... this is still very tricky unless done pretty
>> much exactly how it is detailed in this article. As is,

Yes this is true... we are bybassing several platform-specific C++ programs, and do not have all the options of a supported platform.

>> hitting against JRun on port 8500 is so slow it is
>> unusable.

That is because you don't have the Default web server.

>>Anyone know if I can get for OS X from
>>somewhere? Is this something I can build myself?

Nope, Nope!


Go back and Linux install with the default web server & redo the port -- it should give you a running CFMX Developer system on OS X, which is the objective of these articles.


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