ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   ok... here is a description of my travails
Date:   2002-09-28 21:51:53
From:   punkish
Response to: ok... here is a description of my travails


>>Additionally, instead of using the built
>> in server decided to use Apache.
>The CFMX OS X port will not run with anything
>but the default server --
>there is a Platform-speciff C++ file that
>makes the connection between
>JRun and any web server but the default.

yeah, shucks.


>>4. Everytime I tried to start cfmx, it would
>>look for and
>> then create /mnt/hdb1 on my iBook. After
>>much looking
>> around I went it and changed the reference
>>to $CF_DIR
>> in about a thousand places from the hard-coded
>> (by the installer) /mnt/hdb1 to /opt.
>this is the below referenced above
>The 4th line if the coldfusionosx startup
>script sets CF_DIR
>-- you should be OK using the script.
># Set some environment variables.
>If not, you can untar CFMX to whatever
>directory tree that it resided
>on Linux, then change line 4 of the above script.
>I originally installed on /home on Linux and
>ran on /home on OS X.

well, only partially correct. Actually, the install hard-codes the path in
several files. I grep-ed for "/mnt/hdb1" (the path I had installed on
under the Linux box) and found the following relevant files that had to
be modified as well...






additionally, a symbolic link to jvm.config under /bin had to be reset.

In addition, there were a bunch of binary files (classes under
wwwroot/WEB-INF/cfclasses/ that were also matched by grep, but I have left
them alone for now).

Additionally, it seems that the program wants to read in
runtime/lib/ while starting up, however, that file is
sitting under lib/

>> hitting against JRun on port 8500 is so slow it is
>> unusable.
>That is because you don't have the Default web server.

still very slow. It seems that the first time I hit any cfm script it
takes forever. While CF compiles and caches the pcode of the cfm scripts
on their first run, the delay in my case seems to be way too much.

Anyway, thanks for a great article... it was very helpful learning all this.


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