Homemade Dot-Mac with OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Location of httpd.config file
Date:   2002-09-29 12:24:14
From:   anonymous2
This is an example of why OS X can be so frustrating. I have a PC running Windows 2000 and successfully set it up as a server quite easily. It uses a control panel to set default documents. Very simple.

I have set up my laptop running Jaguar as a server, but it won't recognise an html file as a browser file. There is no obvious way to set this that I have found. I have read the 'Homemade Dot Mac: Deax' article and it's reader responses and found out I need to edit the httpd.config file. I have searched the entire hard drive for such a file and it's just not there. Not only that, the etc/config/ directories that supposedly contain the file aren't there either.

I hate it when Windows does things easier than a Mac. Can someone clue me in?


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  1. Location of httpd.config file
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  2. Location of httpd.config file
    2002-10-02 21:32:23  ctraue [View]

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