Integrating Tomcat with Apache Via the mod_jk Module
Subject:   these directions don't work
Date:   2002-10-01 23:47:03
From:   anonymous2
Setting up Tomcat as a standalone is a no-brainer, but apache tomcat integration is a pain. Why?

First of all, the compiled binary for mod_jk doesn't work with 4.0.5.

Second, the latest version of Tomcat is 4.1.12 and this article is only a week and a half old.

Third, the dlcompat library is not available at the link provided, and doesn't appear to be properly available for Jaguar 10.2 which has been out for a month prior to the article publish date. I did find a beta copy at but I still get compile errors when using the script provided.

I've also tried following the directions for getting Apache and Tomcat to work via the webapp module using Apple's own instructions at
which also don't work.

What a frustrating experience. I've even tried separate installations of Apache2. Nothing works.