OpenNap Use Crashes
Subject:   I dont think they are
Date:   2002-10-02 09:33:46
From:   anonymous2
i think you may find that most opennap servers specialy the ones that have been around since the start dont bother using the napigator list.. cos they get so many users with out listing....... plus also blocking certain clints like winmx has also played a big part of them unlisting....... opennap comunity is still going very strong.... its just not as blatent as it use to be... as server owner myself i have kept my dns and just simply switched ports and unlisted.... if i open a port that use to be listed ill be flooded with users again specialy winmx.... as as i dont want that client on my server i dont open that port
your findings are intresting specialy to the user side of the service bus as a server owner i see it as just a drop in people needing to advertise there server/ and hiding from the riaa :)