Subject:   error 1044 and 1045...BINGO!
Date:   2002-10-02 19:24:57
From:   anonymous2
Response to: error 1044 and 1045...BINGO!

First, I want to give a "BIG THANKS!" to gaga1. I finally got mysql working!

And, to morbus: If all you have to say is a patronizing "RTFM," please don't bother posting. With all of the flavors of UNIX there are, Mac OS X is probably one of the strangest. And most of the users, like Venste and me, are used to a GUI and are having a difficult time already. One of the things we also got used to is finding help. We are constantly reminded that we make up a small percentage of personal computers out there, and we have to try 10 times harder just to get help-- going to the local computer store does no good. So, in general, I agree, read the manual first. But don't assume everyone else is lazy and did not bother looking for answers before posting. We are all just trying to learn.