What's in a Condition?
Subject:   Refreshing
Date:   2002-10-04 07:44:48
From:   balesd
This is an excellent article. It will help clarify the mechanics of SQL92 outer join syntax for anyone who uses SQL to access a relational database, Oracle or otherwise. It is especially helpful for relational database users whose primary experience is using Oracle, because Oracle has been slow to implement this syntax (no doubt because their existing syntax has been used since the beginning of relational database technology, so why change something that has works?). Even more impressive though is Jonathan's courage to admit that he doesn't know-it-all and is willing to share his learnings whilst taking on the risk that some know-it-all would publicly scold him because he admitted he learned something new. Thank-you Jonathan! Public ridicule is why adults stop learning. Most adults won't make themselves vulnerable to "ignorance" ridicule and therefore stop learning. AUTARCH, rather than ridicule people for admitting they've learned something and are willing to share what they've learned, be productive, take the risk, and share what you know.

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