Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   External mail with IP address stays queued
Date:   2002-10-04 11:35:45
From:   macrobotics
To test my server (before I change my domain to point to my new fixed IP address), I have sent mail to user@[w.x.y.z], where the user name and IP address are valid, from an external computer. The mail arrives and is put into the queue, but is not delivered to the user account. The mail log entry is of the form:

Oct 4 11:32:02 MacRobotics-Server sendmail[810]:g940BCQP000613: to=<user@[w.x.y.z]>, delay=17:20:49, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=estmp, pri=2190937, relay=[w.x.y.z], dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Operation timed out with [w.x.y.z]

The [w.x.y.z] address is in my local-host-names and access files.

Mail send locally (to just "user") is delivered to the appropriate account. Outgoing mail is delivered fine.

What am I missing to get this test mail to work, or do I have to wait until my domain name gets moved (but I really don't want to do this until I get mail checked out!)?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Kevin Coble

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