What's in a Condition?
Subject:   Refreshing
Date:   2002-10-04 15:42:31
From:   autarch
Response to: Refreshing

Exactly where did I ridicule the author? I didn't call him ignorant, or scold him, or any of the other things you're implying I did.

You might also notice that I pointed out that for a while, I too did not understand the difference between join and non-join conditions. But because he is an author and editor about _databases_, I would simply expect him to have known this a long time ago. That hardly constitutes public ridicule!

Overall, I think that this is symptomatic of a larger problem. Part of this problem is the fact that SQL is not relational (so there are no real relational databases available). Given that most database practitioners learn solely from practice, combined with such fundamentally flawed tools, leads to a fundamental lack of understanding of basic principles. Is this all the fault of the author? Not by any means. Is it a problem? Yes.