Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Additional info - please help if you can
Date:   2002-10-06 17:36:29
From:   macrobotics
Response to: External mail with IP address stays queued

To try to find the problem, I have run sendmail using the -bv option on local user names, both with and without the domain name or IP address (user, user@domain, user@[]). All return with the response "deliverable: mailer local, user user" - indicating that things should be fine.

I have run from the terminal prompt on the server with a "-v -C./ user@domain" set of options, and the mail was properly delivered.

However, any use of a mail program, either on the local network or from the internet, addressed to user@domain or user@ipaddress, gets bounced with a message to the effect of "user@domain is not a valid recipient" and hangs around the server's queue.

Unfortunately, I can't receive mail from LISTSERV's as a result of this (although I can send mail to them!), so I am hoping to find help on this Web forum.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kevin Coble