Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   Certificates fail on PC
Date:   2002-10-06 20:01:26
From:   anonymous2
Alright, set up my server and everything works PERFECTLY on my Macs using both Entourage and I just set my wife's mahine up - she's using a PC with Win 2k and Outlook XP. She already had a userID and file services on our Jaguar server, so i set up he account and voila - it worked, HOWEVER, I have 2 problems...
1. When I connect to the our sendmail server, Outlook squaks about the SSL certificate, and asks if the server can be trusted, and it does it EVERY TIME I try to connect. The Macs don't do this. Is there a setting in Outlook our do I need to update it?
2. I can't seem to delete messages on her account. Mine works fine, but I only get lines through the messages, and they don't delete. Will they go away eventually?
If anyone can help, please contact me at

Thanks in advance!