The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 1
Subject:   Thanks; further questions on sales models
Date:   2002-10-07 09:58:49
From:   tgmclean
Response to: Thanks; further questions on sales models

Hello, Sanford --

Thanks for the great insights. Responding to your last note:

(2) Interesting points. There are two schools of thought on sales: sales modelling versus "planning for the tactics you'll use when sales either underperform or exceed your expectations". Most B-schoolers think the latter makes more sense in tech. markets, which is kind of what your response implies.

(3) The site for the sales model is "". Halfway down the page is the free XL download, "The Shareware Publisher's Business Model (SPBM)". (The author calls it a business model, but it's really the pro-forma component [ie., sales predicting and financials tool] of a business model. In my opinion, there's more to a business model than sales and financials, even though, yes, they're core.)

(4) I'll drop you a line, and, yes, I've considered the MacHack con.

Thanks again,

-- TG