Switcher Stories Follow Up
Subject:   Re: Switcher stories
Date:   2002-10-07 14:04:07
From:   cbmackay
Hi Tim,

In your follow-up article on the 19th ( you state in part:

"Customers are doing the marketing for Apple, which is a really good sign. Most really great products catch on by word of mouth. All professional marketing can do is to help add fuel to the fire."

I don't disagree, but as a long-time Mac user, I can't help remembering that this has long been the case with Apple. Their marketing, especially in the inter-Jobs periods (Spindler, Amelio, et al), has been abysmal. Those of us in the trenches (who are, rightly or wrongly, regarded as "Apple fanatics" by those who know us socially or professionally) have been dying for something exactly like the Switch campaign for a long time.

But I wonder... did we ever really make a difference? I'd like to think we did, but I also like to think that I'm not delusional. You see more people out there in the real world than I do, though. Is it really different now?