Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 6
Subject:   OS X Server 10.2.1 & server aliases
Date:   2002-10-07 17:48:49
From:   anonymous2
If you do ever do an article on Virtual Hosts (have them running) there are a number of tricky points. In particular the information provided with the "Server Settings" application is missing a lot.

For example, suppose I want to have Apache (OS X Server 10.2.1) respond for both and serving files1
and and serving files2 etc.

I do not see how to do this with the "Server Settings" program.
Some questions:
1. For example, can I enter "," in the "Name" section? It didn't seem to work.
2. I could create a second site (e.g. have two entries in the "Sites" list) for each name, one "" and the other "" but that is silly to do.
3. Are there other options from within ServerSettings?

I can do it with the Apache server directive "ServerAlias" in the Mac OS X server httpd config file and what I did as a stop-gap measure. Obviously I would prefer to avoid doing things with the text files as it is much easier to mess things up!

I don't see a discussion of this in any of the OS X Server guides that came with 10.2 so it might be a good topic!