Googling Your Email
Subject:   Nothing new
Date:   2002-10-08 23:51:48
From:   anonymous2
ZOE is interesting, I'll pay that. But there are dozens of personal free and payware search tool around that can index files, directories and data stores on your local drive.

A personal Google would be nice, however prior experiments with this such as Altavista Personal Search seem to have failed miserably a few years ago as people just don't get the concept.

I use dtSearch Desktop which integrates with everything I use, email, apps etc. I have an index of 2.4 million words, 402MB in size! I find it invaluable and have used it for sometime.

Agreed on Lotus Notes, the often overlooked fast and versatile full-text search in Notes is an easily accessible feature for Notes mail users who use it very often. Rarely do you see a Notes mail user scrolling through an archive to find an old email. They're well accustomed to a fast full-text search.

Really feel this is a rehash, but perhaps the article will remind people there are dozens of tools out there worth looking at.