The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 2
Subject:   Automated testing
Date:   2002-10-09 14:57:20
From:   anonymous2
One of the biggest drains on time as your program grows is testing, especially doing regression testing (making sure you didn't break stuff from previous versions). Its no wonder that most development shops have close to the same number of QA people as programmers.

One big win for small developers is incorporating automated testing as much as possible; you're probably going to be writing small test cases as you develop your code in the first place. Keep them around and constantly re-run them (e.g. in a daily build). That way you'll know right away when you've broken something.

Automated testing doesn't completely replace manual testing (and should be seen as a complement), but it delivers huge rewards in terms of improved quality compared with the time you have to invest, especially over the long term.