Why Unix Matters to Mac OS X
Subject:   Apple Laptop Keyboards Unsuitable for Unix Users
Date:   2002-10-10 16:24:00
From:   hembeck
Response to: Apple Laptop Keyboards Unsuitable for Unix Users

My orginal post was a bit harsh. I'll omit the "Happy trails" part, leaving in the first bit.

More to the point, the general public now has a user-friendly, incredibly stable, incredibly fast, incredibly strong workhorse, in the Macintosh product line. The stability alone is worth the price of admission. And, at your fingr tips are terrific programming tools, if the individual is so inclined. Apple has done what the Linux revolution failed to do: Pierce the consumer desktop market.

To then paraphrase my orginal statement: "You can most of the people most of the time, but you can please that one UNIX die-hard."