Teaching Java the Extreme Way
Subject:   Impressed
Date:   2002-10-10 17:52:19
From:   anonymous2
I must admit being impressed by this assignment. As a means of teaching the prerequsite syntax and basic semantics of a language required by any new student of programming, I find this approach very promising.

However I find your attempt to associate it with Extreme Programming a bit of a misnomer. I would have considered it more accurately described as "Guided Stepwise Refinement". Granted this wouldn't have been as sexy, but then again fundamental computer science rarely is ;).

Still it is how you have managed to introduce stepwise refinement as a core element of the *first* assignment that most impresses me. As a core cognitive tool required of all programmers, a mechanism to make it truely pervasive throughout an entire introductory course is an achivement in itself. Congratulations.

Now I eagerly await your introductions to abstraction, generalisation, and decompostition, which to my mind complete the core cognitive skills that we should be attempting to teach in an introductory course.

Andrae Muys