ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Dick, This Rocks!
Date:   2002-10-11 17:22:08
From:   adolph
Yet another successful install:
1. Installed on RH8 on a P3 500.
2. FTPed to my iBook 500.
3. Was thrown for a loop by the undocumented error on gnutar and /opt's invisibleness.
4. Didn't run script as cfmx at first, leading to permission errors.
5. Remembered and it runs like a top.

I'm thinking about installing Payflow Pro for CF java over this weekend. This is really, really exciting. The most difficult thing about the install was (1) dealing with installing RH on my office PC and (2) dealing with the uncertainty of the error messages.

Thanks Dick!