An Introduction to iMovie
Subject:   Don't forget...
Date:   2002-10-11 17:40:31
From:   tychay
Nice article.

Don't forget to mention the iMovie Plugin Pack which is available free from Apple. This adds some interesting transitions, effects, and titles to iMovie. There are some shareware/commercial ones available (check VersionTracker, MacUpdate, or ).

Has anyone figured out how to insert plugins so that they are available to all users of a computer? Something is strange about the code in iMovie 2.1.1 which seems to only read your $HOME/Library instead of the entire hierarchy. Weird!

BTW, there is a similar article to this available directly on Apple's website. See

Take care,


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  1. Don't forget...
    2002-10-12 12:09:50  ndwoods [View]

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