Gentoo Linux Reloaded
Subject:   Is it possible to install???
Date:   2002-10-12 01:05:03
From:   anonymous2
How did anyone who uses Gentoo 1.4RC1 get it on their computer? Surely,you didn't follow the directions on the website because they are incomplete, misleading and written to deliberately confuse the unfamiliar. You are told to edit files without being told which files to edit. You follow the instructions and they give you warnings AFTER you type them. The list goes on. I have given the instructions, CD and stage 3 tarball to 4 different people and no one was able to install it. These people are not idiots, they are people you depend on when your life and livelihood are at stake (doctors, lawyers). They make their living by following instructions properly.

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  1. Is it possible to install???
    2002-11-25 22:19:13  anonymous2 [View]

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