Why Unix Matters to Mac OS X
Subject:   Laptop Keyboards fine for unix.
Date:   2002-10-12 16:39:39
From:   anonymous2

This same guy posts the same rant in every forum where Mac OS X comes up. Slashdot, etc.

And its just stupid. I have no trouble using the control key in the command line on any of my powerbooks.

The idea that it needs to be to the left of the A is totally inane-- the average Windows PC has the control key in the same place as the mac keyboard.

This is the STANDARD keyboard layout. Nowhere is putting it to the left of the A standard, at least for desktop machines.

As usual, apple releases killer products and idiots declare them unusable for nitpicky reasons (one button mice-- which are faster for everyone, including power users to use, are a great example.)

Some people have an irrational hatred of apple and always will.

Pay them no mind.