Gentoo Linux Reloaded
Subject:   RE: rogue nations
Date:   2002-10-12 16:45:48
From:   anonymous2
>Why does one of the screenshots blatantly >display the flag of a rogue nation?

>A nation that violates un security council >resolutions, enforces racist state policy and >violates human rights.
Huh? Is the USA Flag on one of the screenshots? ;)

Ok,ok i think i found it, you mean the israel flag? Or did i missed the old one of the krauts? ;)

>I cannot support gentoo if it is a distro that >supports states that terrorize innocent people >and help to destabilize the middle east.

>Sorry but i don't use distros who promote hate >and violence.

Everyone is allowed to use free software, it doesn't matter who he/she is or where he/she lives not even what he/she does or does with the software, you could use linux on nuclear missiles, if you own some and it doesn't matter in which god/something he/she belives. - In short: Everyone could use it for everything.

And btw. it is only a screenshot. Maybe someone in the USA got a flag of the USA on his/her screen, and maybe you got another or no flag on your screen. It doesn't matter! Gentoo is not politics, gentoo is free software and free software is neutral in such things, it is for everyone and this is good so. I am sure the people of gentoo haven't even thought about any politics when uploading the screenshot on the server and I don't see any reason why one flag should be better than another on a screenshot, if you want place a picture of the devil himself on a screenshot if the screenshot looks nice get it online, no problem.
If you couldn't deal with it then write your own "political correct" Operating System that is only allowed to be used by "political correct" humans.

Free Software is like air, everyone is allowed to breath.

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