Taming the Entourage Database
Subject:   restoring a backup of my mail
Date:   2002-10-13 23:53:40
From:   anonymous2
my friend recently formated his tibook and after i backed up all his (mail) i replaced the files in the identity folder with his old ones and entourage tells me something along the lines of cannot open this identity with this version of entourage, but it _is_ the same version. his messages file is 36MB, the others such as database and database cache and signatures, etc are all under a meg. hes about to kick my a55 cause he obviously needs his mail... this is such a strange situation cause when i used to use netscape mail with my pc i would always replace files and there would be no problem. any ideas how to get this working? please let me know

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  1. restoring a backup of my mail
    2004-01-26 08:51:11  mwendar [View]

    • restoring a backup of my mail
      2004-04-21 20:15:03  helpless [View]

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