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  Gentoo Linux Reloaded
Subject:   Re: Rogue Nation
Date:   2002-10-14 13:45:37
From:   anonymous2
>Why does one of the screenshots blatantly >display the flag of a rogue nation?
>A nation that violates un security council >resolutions, enforces racist state policy and >violates human rights.
>I cannot support gentoo if it is a distro that >supports states that terrorize innocent people >and help to destabilize the middle east.
>Sorry but i don't use distros who promote hate >and violence.

I believe you are referring to the Screenshot of Dan Armak's set-up. Dan happens to live in Israel and is presumably an Israeli - he is also the guy in charge of KDE for Gentoo. Whether or not he's proud of his country is his decision. A lot of people would disagree with the US on it's policy to Iraq (nearly everyone except the UK government in fact) but I wouldn't suggest that Americans not show their flag if they wanted too. Americans are proud of their country (they have a lot to be proud of) and presumably Dan feels the same about his...whether you agree with him or not.

I seriously doubt that Gentoo was making a political statement about the Middle East by using the screenshot. I wasn't offended by it and I don't agree with much of what the Israeli government does either.

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