Gentoo Linux Reloaded
Subject:   Installation notes...
Date:   2002-10-14 18:34:52
From:   anonymous2
To preface, Gentoo is not for the newbie. I've
administered large HP-UX/NCR/AIX systems for an
international corporation, and learned several
new things while installing. As far as a
graphical interface, although one would be *nice*,
the more generalized and "friendly" an installation
becomes, the less easy it is to make your own choices.
It is undeniably installable; the only reason I've
had to reinstall was because I installed WXP after
my original Gentoo and lost my partitions. If you
are considering trying this distro, be prepared to
wait and read a great deal. I've found nothing
that would be misleading to someone who's installed
some flavor of a Linux system and knew what was
going on.

Installing Gentoo is like following a new recipe --
you have to read ahead in order to do it properly.

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