Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   PHP required a trick
Date:   2002-10-16 10:51:03
From:   anonymous2
I could not get PHP for the longest time, and got an error about not finding the mysql socket, as did another user who commented on this list. This is how I solved it.

I got a php.ini file from a PHP installation on the Web. (It seems OS X doesn't come with one.) If you know a friend who has one, borrow his or hers.

I put the php.ini file in /usr/local/lib. I then searched for the line mysql.default_socket and set it to this:

mysql.default_socket = /usr/local/mysql/run/mysql_socket

My MySQL installation houses its socket there. (I had installed it from the instructions at Apple's Internet Developer site.)

If I remember correctly, that was all there was to it. PHP could access MySQL after that :-)

Good luck!