Gentoo Linux Reloaded
Subject:   installation
Date:   2002-10-19 18:36:02
From:   jbcarr
I was really quite excited about the Gentoo project and release. I am even more excited about the release of 1.4 because maybe I will now be able to complete an initial installation successfully.

I have attempted to install Gentoo at least 8 times over the past few months, using all the "stages" at one time or another. It is really a quite fascinating process, but when all is done, there is always failure on the first post installation boot of not recognizing the file system and not recognizing the network card. It's really very consistent, on three different machines, all of which are now running RedHat.

I am not a linux guru, but am able to muck around with success on most other things I have tried using linux in the past. I am able to read and follow instructions.

Maybe 1.4 will be better!?!

J B Carr