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Subject:   Can't build bundle
Date:   2002-10-19 18:56:14
From:   psheldon
Response to: Can't build bundle

You didn't miss what I missed at first reading the log file. I couldn't make either. You saw that .bundle was at the end of the thing it couldn't make, but, from things we entered elsewhere, it should have read ".plugin" in the log file. I looked at targets and saw bundle was still there in target name, but I had done stuff to make it plugin. I quit project builder and then launched it again and found that name had changed.

Subsequent compiling didn't produce that "can't make error".

I am very curious whether I was able to observe around this target spelling "weakness" and if you will find a similar wierd "fix" or, instead, think even more differently than me.


In build phases frameworks and libraries, I also put in AppKit.framework, in addition to Cocoa.frameworks. This seemed plausible, but wasn't evidentally necessary as it wasn't in Mike's working source.

Project builder seemed to quit unexpectedly when I asked it to quit, so I am getting paranoid about saving rather than have it remind me. It can't remember to remind me if it is being surprised by quitting.


A working hypothesis for systems engineers at Apple is saving and quitting must subscribe to the same sort of internal stuff, a module that they got confused in the latest version of project builder.

Last night, I thought I would be crazy to write this in a thread, but today, having gotten the victory of finishing the column's whole program bug free, I am not so embarrassed to suggest that someone else might have made a mistake and even guess where to help.

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