Plug It In, Plug It In
Subject:   Apple shouldn't have used a popup with "plug-in" on it
Date:   2002-10-19 19:12:32
From:   psheldon
Response to: plugin vs. plug-in in discoverPlug-ins

I see I was wise to download Mike's working code. I used to be scared to compare my nonworking code with working code, but now I have learned some confidence.

Comments, columns, or documentation might spell things ala Webster for a promised but late night release. To err is human too late. Deadlines doth make fools of us all.

I think Apple or Oreilly might need to fiddle with their spell checker to make their own English for c.

In addition, when you write something with a dash, you evidentally don't tend to capitalize after the dash for a sense of word break. So, when I scanned for dashes to remove, I had to also be careful to capitalize to get the defined method, because objective c distinguishes between capital and small letters.

Hope that helps others on this thread as yours post did.


Maybe life needs this source of frustration for there to be any sense of victory!