The Near Future of Digital Rights Management
Subject:   Simple solution
Date:   2002-10-19 23:52:34
From:   mclucy
All digital media content (DVDs, VHS, Digital TV, CDs, mp3s, etc) will have embedded "usage signatures". The original sale price would be enough to cover material production costs (real cheap these days). All digital devices will be able to connect to the internet, announce their signature, and the registered owner of the device, who will have an account, will be debited a nominal fee for each use. The fee will decline to virtually nothing after X years of usage. Copies will reproduce the signature. People without internet access will use prepaid phone-card type devices that slip into their players/computers like an ATM and subtract the appropriate amount. The central authority(s) who collects the fees will subtract admin costs and send payments to the authors/producers.