Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 6
Subject:   Problems POSTing data to PHP scripts
Date:   2002-10-20 19:42:54
From:   anonymous2
The info provided is great. I have everything installed in MacOS X 10.1.5 and PHP and MySQL seem to work great (by great, I mean it works almost like my linux box), except for one major problem: phpMyAdmin cannot create or update data. In a simple html form with POSTed data, I cannot update any of my tables. If I use the mysql client in the Terminal app, everything works fine (just like it does in linux). In fact, the same scripts running on my linux box works great, accepting the POST'ed data like it should and updating databases and tables like it should. But in MacOS X, none of the POSTed data gets accepted by the PHP scripts. What's the deal?

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    • Problems POSTing data to PHP scripts
      2003-02-16 11:28:50  qwave [View]

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