Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   imap-2002.RC8 solved my certificate problems-firewall remains a PITA
Date:   2002-10-21 04:23:34
From:   tjj
Response to: imaps SSL service unable to load certificate

After trying next to everything, I finally downloaded the latest imap-server, ran the building commands as stated in the article and whaddyaknow, my Unix mailbox in came to life. So. I'm happy with that, everything works if I'm on a direct line to the internet (p.t. dial-up). But here at my office, behind a corporate firewall I can't get mail out or in. Local mail works a-ok. When trying remote address:
... Connecting to via relay...
... Deferred: Connection refused by

I tried
define(`confDOMAIN_NAME', `$')
define(`confDOMAIN_NAME', `').
No go
My access file has entries for various relevant hosts to no avail.

Anyone, any ideas, thank you!

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  1. Several entries in SMART_HOST line for roamers
    2002-10-22 03:25:06  tjj [View]

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