Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   Suggestions for a Jaguar User who has erred?
Date:   2002-10-21 09:27:46
From:   bebo
God forgive help me, for I have skimmed!
Seduced by the headlines (and their lackies, the sub-heads) I rushed headlong into Lesson One. Too late I discovered, this was not intended for early adopters like me.

So what's an overly eager boy to do?

Although everything seemed to work as described, I'm now the proud owner of a modified "crontab" (or am I, really?) and am unsure what to do next!
Should I delete it, and rename "crontab.bak" as plain old "crontab"? And if so, how?

Perhaps Lesson Two would answer all, but I'm afraid to proceed - give the fact that it's unsupported under Jaguar.