Plug It In, Plug It In
Subject:   drawinginquartz2D frustration
Date:   2002-10-21 10:11:52
From:   psheldon
I forced myself to read through a pdf file in developers documents. I had figured ways to save images as pdf files, but only one image at a time into one page and this pdf book explained graphics contexts and states that seemed to allow for multiple pages.

It, however, did not hold my hand enough with sample code, so I couldn't port the information into what I am trying to do, save a pdf document with multiple pages with several images from this sort of app here.

What I suppose is that I can read various documents and get confidence that I can finish them without making an application and get something hooked up in my brain to make searching for code easier. Perhaps the hookup is language (eg. here quartz function calls, learned not to look only in a framework browser for object methods, saw importance of os x architecture diagram distinct places to look), perhaps it is one feature such as a bitmap can have interpolation so you don't have the jaggies giving you lateral inhibition to recognize text spatial frequencies.

I am excited to learn next about rendezvous and sockets. That different applications and different people should connect with each other means that folks who think different needn't be "excommunicated". I like the metaphor of celebrating differentness this way. Only with intercommunication can we do supercomputer things.