Working with Tables: Writing an Address Book Application
Subject:   compiling woes
Date:   2002-10-21 21:33:33
From:   anonymous2
I love these tutorials, and followed this one to a 't', but whenever i try to compile, i get a boatload of errors, such as:

/Users/kevind/AddressBook/Controller.m:11: illegal expression, found `unknown'
/Users/kevind/AddressBook/Controller.m:13: illegal expression, found `unknown'

there must be 20 or so of those, (they are contained in the create and delete record methods. Most of the errors come when calling things in any of the attached frameworks (which are linked and everything). Does anyone have _any_ clues as to how to fix this so i can move on?

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    2003-01-22 01:19:10  edenwaith [View]

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      2003-05-15 10:51:02  anonymous2 [View]

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