An Introduction to iMovie
Subject:   MPEG-1 demuxing
Date:   2002-10-22 00:59:15
From:   tychay
Response to: MPEG-1

I don't work with MPEG-1 format, but my guess is you have a demuxing issue. When a video format has the video and audio tracks multiplexed into the same track, an QuickTime 5 or laterimport (which iMovie uses) will only import the video track. You need to demux this with a program (for instance try bbDEMUX at ). I'm sure there are other programs that a simple search on Google, VersionTracker or MacUpdate will give.

After demuxing, import the tracks into iMovie separately. Note that for reasons, I never understood your audio and video may not be the same length! I don't think iMovie can handle this case (Final Cut Pro I think can).

Sorry I can't help more--I'm a programmer, not a video person.

Hope this helps,