Roll Your Own Browser
Subject:   how to use it?
Date:   2002-10-23 00:13:59
From:   anonymous2
This article is very interesting and show us the power of Mozilla technology but I did not understand where to put those 2 files (.xul and .js) in a mozilla structure to work?

I am actually looking at using mozilla as a viewer for autorun CDROM under MSWindows. I have a couple of issue like:
- how to make it run without any specific profile (it seems that the current article answer more or less this issue)
- how to auto load a local file in the browser without a complete URL like file:////C:/dir/myfile.html since I don't know the letter of the CDROM. The only workaround I found is to use the URL type resource://res/myfile.html

any ideas?
Thanks anyway for this very useful article. please continue to add more!