Homemade Dot-Mac with OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Success with!
Date:   2002-10-23 04:25:57
From:   anonymous2
This article really caught my eye.
I have a cable modem.
I set up the account no sweat.
But non matter what I did, the connection was refused.
I read the comment on setting the port mapping etc. Here's what worked for me-- finally.

In my airport base station...
mapped port public 8081 to private port 80
copied down the dns server addresses shown
In NetInfo...
unlocked. selected machines. duplicated localhost.
changed the IP of the localhost copy to
In network settings...
selected airport card (no hardwire to server)
changed from DHCP to manual
set address to
set dns servers to address shown in base station
In sharing...
only allow web services for now, turned off the others until I know how to set.
set up an regular dynamic account point to my base station ip
set up a webhop to point to dynamicaccount:8081

Finally, tried access from work and viola!
My guess is that comcast check ports ?