Is Jabber's Chatbot the Command Line of the Future?
Subject:   Incorruptible examiners
Date:   2002-10-25 00:45:57
From:   chattison
For the future it could be a realistic vision bots to have working as incorruptible examiners.
What should this mean?
Elections, for example, of politicians are not really democratic in its procedure.
Because its well known, that most of us make their choice under obscure psychological circumstances.
We are not informed about internal affairs, realities and relationships.
We have no chance to get an affirmation of our imaginations about a subject.
And not the best of all, but the best public known are available for the tasks.
And these are prefiltered by there own party.
And the reasons why are usually not to get the best competent but most profitable ... for themselves.
A really good bot could open the portals to might for anyone, suppose , they confirm their affinity to competence by a talkthrough with this bot.
Offcourse their have to be in front the fundamental qualities of solide political, sociological and economical education!
But this is a new theme.

The bot himself could verify, in an incorruptible way, the knowledgelevel, the culture and the private opinions of the candidate.
And after the political, sociological and economical education - after this "Talkthrough" - THEN(!) the candidate is to be nominated for election by public!

Sounds a bit rude, but first - my english is not the very best, and second - its not a modern idea - it has been practiced by the chinese 2500 years ago!
And never in his history China had a better epoche than at that time.

Perhaps its worth a discussion´...