Taming the Entourage Database
Subject:   Saved my life...
Date:   2002-10-25 20:07:47
From:   anonymous2
You guys are great... I just went through a major panic where Entourage told me it couldn't do a simple rebuild and I let it do an advanced... And then when restarting saw that I had lost about 2/3 of my mail... including the last 3 weeks completely... clients and all. :((

I did everything I could think of to restore the old copies, but still they showed the mail was "missing"... After having a complete panic attack (Yes, I lost most of my schedule as well), I posted at the MS forum (where noone answered my question) but I just "knew" the mail was there in the original... (the file size was the original LARGE size --1.5GB or so).

Did a google search and came up with this article... all I had to do was an identity "switch" ... and with the old database restored, all my mail is "found"... <huge sigh of relief> Thank you as always O'Reilly... guess I should have come here first... :)