Using iSync and Bluetooth
Subject:   Bluetooth outside iSync
Date:   2002-10-26 10:13:19
From:   anonymous2
To be honest, I've not yet gotten around to playing with iSync: I can keep my iPod sync'ed with a minimum of work from Palm Desktop, ditto with my Palm, and I don't want scheduling stuff on my phone (I do want to dial, but I can dial from my Palm using Bluetooth).

My problems so far all deal with using Bluetooth outside of iSync. Those of you using Bluetooth phones and PDAs: if you receive a call on the phone, and then turn on your PDA (while it's ringing) and connect via Bluetooth, are you given caller ID information? Using my R520m and Palm Vx with 3rd-party Bluetooth adapter, I can't - I only get caller ID information if my Palm is connected at the time that I receive the call.

Also, anyone able to successfully dial out using the bluetooth-modem port?