Switcher Stories Follow Up
Subject:   Re: Dan Barthel, Digital Photography
Date:   2002-10-27 16:56:27
From:   anonymous2
While not making my whole living from digital photography, I work in the industry and a substantial proportion of my income is derived from digital photography. I use a Nikon D1x and Epson peripherals. I have no need for RAW files, using TIFFs. I mave nothing but praise for the way OSX works with the camera. The Epson software for my 1290 printer, while not perfect, is 95% there. The download site states explicitly that the software is a work in progress, so you can't really complain. The major fault I have found is with their scanning software, where is you save a scan directly as a JPEG (only done for quick positionals) InDesign will not recognise them. If you reopen and resave the problem is solved. Jaguar has .pkg files specifically for Epson printers which, in my experience has sorted out the teething problems I was having with 10.2.5.