Plug It In, Plug It In
Subject:   Brockerhoff on how to make...bundle
Date:   2002-10-28 08:04:49
From:   psheldon
Response to: Can't build bundle

Rainer Brockerhoff wrote (footnote 2 page 2) in recommended reading :
"...changing the extension (from bundle to plugin) after building even once may encounter even more resistance from Project Builder."

So, our difficulties with project builder being confused trying to "make a bundle" which we had specified, instead, to something in it to be a plugin, were abbreviated by this master hacker and we are in good company.

It is hard to write about such an intuitive experience as getting rid of bugs. It is the folklore of the trade. It is your curse (though you may make a bundle doing this) if you are doomed to get rid of other people's bugs as a master software engineer and never have time for your own creative stuff.